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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Why I am low this evening...

Just ran my audition speeches past my course tutor. It is an audition requirement to show usually two speeches; one modern (20th Century onwards) and one 'classical' (Shakespearian or Jacobean), and also have a number learnt in reserve to show in the event of a recall.

I have spent the Summer choosing, learning and working on a number, but have not shown them to anyone until today. It tends to be a lot easier to choose 'Classical' speeches and as such I have a number of these learnt (5 in fact!) I ran two of these past him and thankfully they held their own. Plenty of helpful notes to develop them further.

Being so fussy I only have one modern speech prepared; and after showing it to him he duly advised me to scrap it. Sigh. My first audition date is in 5 weeks time (For LAMDA) and I am waiting on other offers of dates to come in the post that could call on me sooner- and now I do not have a speech! Oh dear - the heat is now definitely on.

I am happy that he advised me to scrap it. The reasons for his advise were sound; I agreed with him. I had the same doubts in the back of my mind anyway, but herein I had ignored that voice in the back of my mind because I didn't want to go back to the drawing board. I am.

Back to the bookshop to comb through the plays for speeches. A fresh round of snivelling emails to the few theatrically knowledgeable people I know to ask them for any recommendations. Back to the beginning of the process. Oh well...its for the best.

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