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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

It is very nearly Audition o'clock!

So here is the situation as it stands:

All applications have been sent off- nothing back from Bristol or Central at this stage.

Set audition dates are as follows:

RADA: Friday 27th November AM
LAMDA: Sunday 29th November PM
GUILDHALL: Friday 8th January AM

I am comfortable with my audition speeches, but they do all need work still!

My primary classical, Cassius of 'Julius Caesar' is tidy. My secondary classical, Bastard from 'King John' needs a little polish as it may well be called on.

My modern is well learnt, but needs tweaking: it has to spew out from the heart whereas its a little bit too considered at the moment.

I have a private session booked with a top notch drama tutor on Sunday, which should prove invaluable in giving me that final push to get the speeches just where I want them to be.

With the speeches in the bag, some research will be in order to get familiar with the schools that I want to study at.

Then its seat belts on and hopefully enjoying the ride!

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