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Thursday, 11 March 2010

LAMDA - 'second' first round audition.

LAMDA said that they didn't think they'd seen me at my best in my first audition so I ought to come back and give it another go. I think that this is what they do when they have a split decision on their panel, because I thought that my original audition went fine. 

So I gave it another shot. And this time I got the No Thank you letter. I must confess that I wasn't surprised. I was disappointed, but not really upset. I have heard it said that you choose your drama school as much as it chooses you, and that certain students are simply more suited to some schools more than others. An indication can be the 'vibe' one gets from the place.

I never got a good vibe from LAMDA - on the first or second audition. The school seemed cold to me. The audition process was like being fired out of a cannon. Straight in- on stage in front of the panel with hardly a word spoken and straight out again. This is not the case for everyone - some of my friends have found the complete opposite, getting a warm feeling from there.

As for me- I'm not for LAMDA and LAMDA  isn't for me. I don't think I'll apply to there next year.

And so to recap- the situation as it stands now: 5 schools applied for. 

1) RADA - got recalled but did not get through to the final round.
2) LAMDA - got recalled but did not get though to the final round.
3) CENTRAL - Got final round recalls for both strands but was not offered a place.
4) BRISTOL - Got final round recall and am now on the short list for a place.
5) GUILDHALL- Got final round recall - to be attended in May. post when I get news from Bristol, and then again after the Guildhall recall.