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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Episode 10: #Gone to Pot - 2017 U.S.A. Cannabis Trip

Herein begins the daunting task of reflecting on the 4 months since I last wrote...and extracting into something we may both understand: letter-shaped thingies that make up these here word-sentence contraptions.

I’ll take it chronologically from where we last left off. This Episode details a stretch of my Summer road trip round North America. Further episodes will bring us up to speed with the rest:

  • Episode 11: AnotherLondonActor meets Hollywood
  • Episode 12: Burning Man
  • Episode 13: The End of my Trip - reflections on inspiring teachers
  • Episode 14: Returning to the UK - integration and the quest for balance
  • Episode 15: Cannabis Proud - AnotherLondonActor gets Activist

And so without further ado…

From Episode 6 in May:

“And so going forward I ask myself how may I best be of service? How can I...with my skillset, with my means, with my knowledge and experience, energy and passions best serve the world? Tune in next month folks. Four more months on the road to gain an idea or two…

One idea soon dominated the rest: Cannabis.   

Cannabis Education has been a growing passion of mine for some time. The quest to understand the facts and myths around this plant - specifically in its interaction with our minds. Is weed indeed bad for our brains? What’s the most current/proven thinking on the subject?

So I plotted a North American road trip through the States with the most developed Cannabis cultures/infrastructures...namely Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and California.

I wanted to learn from the best - the industry professional- campaigners/activists, business people, and of course consumers - both recreational and medical.

And I put myself around…

I blagged entry onto conventions/events like this one in Portland, Oregon where the cutting edge of Cannabis product innovation was proudly on display; in technicolor Capitalist glory.

I raided public libraries and bookshops for their well-stocked Cannabis literature.

I met with professionals like Angela Bacca; writer/journalist/activist who generously brought me up to speed on the developing details of America’s Cannabis Legislative movement.

I met with fellow consumers at venues such as NW Cannabis Social Club; professionally-supported communities of friendly Americans, happy to share details of their health battles and experienced benefits of Cannabis as a medicine.

I met farmers who emanated a glow of love and understanding around their pride at delivering cultivated flower par excellence...(for a sense of what I mean check out this video)

I spent time with the founders of the International Church of Cannabis in Denver and got to attend a ‘service’ - feeling a warm sense of acceptance in a community of fellow Cannabis enthusiasts.  

I may have inhaled...

My relationship with this ‘illicit drug’ has been one of ups and downs. At times it’s offered me tremendous relief from suffering, yet not without a side order of complication, guilt and shame.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to further my understanding - and I’m very excited to share that understanding with you...if you have any questions please ask.

Being open about one’s drug preferences is a taboo, as with one’s sexual preferences. We shouldn’t be ashamed of the people we choose to love, any less than we should be ashamed of the things we choose to love!  

Having witnessed first hand the medicinal benefits and harm reduction achieved with Cannabis legislation across these American states, I’m left somewhat fanatically excited to break through any taboos of fear/ignorance and spread a healing vibration across this British Nation.

If you're interested in learning more check out this organisation I've taken up with:

Love xxx


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