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      Clopyralid Herbicide - Manufacturer & Supplier

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      Clopyralid Herbicide - Manufacturer & Supplier

      • Product introduction
      • Mechanism of action
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      CADN: Clopyralid is a kind of selective inhaled herbicides

      CAS NO.: 1702-17-6

      Chemical Name: 3,6-dichloropyridine-2-carboxylic acid

      Molecular Formula: C6H3Cl2NO2

      Molecular Weight: 192.0

      Synthesis of plant growth hormone (similar to the effect of indoleacetic acid). Clopyralid is a selective inhaled herbicide that is absorbed by leaves and roots and transported upward or downward to the base, where it accumulates in meristems. As a hormone, it acts on the elongation and respiration of cells.

      Clopyralid is used for crops of Polygonaceae, Asteraceae, Leguminosae, Umbelliferae, sugar beet, fodder, rapeseed, corn, cereal, brassica, onion, leek, strawberry and flax weeds.

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