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      Pinoxaden Herbicide - Effective Wheat Weed Killer

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      Pinoxaden Herbicide - Effective Wheat Weed Killer

      • Product introduction
      • Mechanism of action
      • Application scope

      CADN: New phenyl pyrazoline herbicides
      CAS NO:243973-20-8

      Molecular Formula: C23H32N2O4

      Molecular Weight: 400.516

      Acetyl-coa carboxylase (ACC) inhibitor.

      As a result, fatty acid synthesis is blocked. And cell growth and division are stopped as well as the lipid structure of the cell membrane is destroyed. And weeds die.

      Pinoxaden is mainly used for controlling annual grass weeds in barley fields, such as wild oats, Setaria Viridis, Echinochloa Crusgalli, etc. Pinoxaden has now become a weapon for wheat-resistant weeds in the world.

      Pinoxaden is very suitable for spring cereals. In order to improve the safety of the product, a safener, triclopyr, is required.

      Pinoxaden is rarely absorbed by plant roots, so its soil activity is low.

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