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      Difenoconazole - Agriculture Fruit Tree Fungicide

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      Difenoconazole - Agriculture Fruit Tree Fungicide

      • Product introduction
      • Mechanism of action
      • Application scope

      CADN: Internal Absorption Sterilization, with protection and treatment.

      CAS NO.: 119446-68-3

      Molecular Formula: C19H17Cl2N3O3

      Molecular Weight:406.3

      Difenoconazole can inhibit the biochemical synthesis of ergosterol on the cell membrane and stop the fungus from developing.

      Difenoconazole is a safer triazole fungicide.

      Difenoconazole is mainly used for foliar treatment and seed treatment, which can improve crop yield and ensure quality.

      It is widely used in crops such as fruit trees and vegetables to effectively prevent black spot disease, black pox, white rot, spotted leaf disease, powdery mildew, brown spot disease, rust, stripe rust, scab, etc.

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