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      Azoxystrobin- Common Uses Fungicide for Trees

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      Azoxystrobin- Common Uses Fungicide for Trees

      • Product introduction
      • Mechanism of action
      • Application scope

      CADN: A new type of high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide.

      CAS NO.:131860-33-8

      Molecular Formula:C22H17N3O5

      Molecular Weight:403.39

      An external quinone inhibitor that blocks electron transfer between Cytochrome B and Cytochrome C1 at the CO-Q10 coenzyme site and inhibits mitochondrial respiration.

      Azoxystrobin products are the world's largest sales fungicides of strobilurin, which can be used for spraying stems and leaves, treating seeds, and also treating the soil.

      Azoxystrobin fungicide has a good activity for almost all the fungal diseases (ascomycetes, basidiomycetes, oomycetes, and semi-known fungi), such as powdery mildew, rust, glume blight, reticular spot, downy mildew, rice blast, etc.

      It has no cross-resistance with the existing fungicides. Used for grain, rice, grapes, potatoes, vegetables, fruit trees, and other crops.

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