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      Diquat 40% TK

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      Diquat 40% TK

      • Product introduction
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      CADN: Diquat

      CAS NO.: 85-00-7

      Chemical Name: 1,1'-Ethylene-2,2'-bipyridinium dibromide

      分子式: C12H12Br2N2

      Molecular Formula: C12H12Br2N2

      Molecular Weight: 344.05

      It produces superoxide in photosynthesis to destruct cell membranes and cytoplasm.

      It is used for the drying and dewatering of cotton, flax, alfalfa, clover, lupine, oilseed rape, soybeans, peas, beans, sunflowers, grains, corn, rice, sugar beets and other seed crops; it will destroy potato stems; it is used for hops peeling. It is used for controlling and killing off the annual broadleaf weeds for grapes, pome fruits, stone fruits, shrub berries, strawberries, citrus, olive trees, hops, vegetables, ornamental plants, shrubs and other crops. It can control and kill off the water surface and underwater aquatic weeds and non-arable weeds. It can control and kill off the weeds for the sugar cane and control heading. The dose is 400-1000 g/hm2. It is incompatible with alkali substances, anionic surfactants and alkali metal salts of hormone-type herbicides.

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