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      CADN: Fluroxypyr-meptyl

      CAS NO.: 81406-37-3

      Chemical Name: ((4-Amino-3,5-dichloro-6-fluoro-2-pyridinyl)oxy)-acetic acid 1-methylheptyl ester

      Molecular Formula: C7H5Cl2FN2O3

      Molecular Weight: 367.25

      It is an inhaled conduction type post-emergenceherbicide. It can be quickly absorbed by plants, so that sensitive plants appear reaction to typical hormone herbicides, such as plant deformity and distortion. In the chemical resistant plants such as wheat, fluroxypyr can bind to the conjugate to lose toxicity and thus have selectivity. The temperature has no effect on the final herbicidal effect, but has an effect on the herbicidal activity. Generally, the herbicidal activity is low when the temperature is low, so that the growth of plants, after poisoning, can be stopped, but the plant will not immediately die; if the temperature rises, the plant will quickly die. It is not significantly leached in the soil, and mostly distributed in the 0-10 cm topsoil, under aerobic conditions, it is quickly degraded into 2-pyridinol and other non-toxics under the action of soil microorganisms, and it has a short half-life in the soil, so it will not affect the next planting of broadleaf crops.

      It has a wide application period for the cereal crops, it can be used for controlling and killing off the broadleaf weeds such as catchweed bedstraw, field bindweed, shepherd's purse, starwort and purslane in the wheat, barley, corn, and grape fields and orchard, pasture and forest farm.

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